What is Current Mirror? MOSFET- Current Mirror Explained

What is Current Mirror? The current mirror is an analog circuit that senses the reference current and generates the copy or number of copies of the reference current, with the same characteristics. The replicated current is as stable as the reference current source. The replicated current could be the same as the reference current (Icopy … Read moreWhat is Current Mirror? MOSFET- Current Mirror Explained

Cascode Amplifier using MOSFET Explained

What is Cascode Amplifier? The Cascode Amplifier is the combination of the common source (Common Emitter for BJT) and the Common Gate Stage (Common Base for BJT). As shown in Fig. 1, the input is applied to the common source amplifier. Fig.1 Cascode Amplifier The transistor M1 is also known as amplifying transistor. And the … Read moreCascode Amplifier using MOSFET Explained

MOSFET Amplifire with Active Load

What is Active Load? In MOSFET amplifier circuits, instead of a passive resistor, the active component like a MOSFET or MOSFET circuit (Current Mirror) is used to increase the gain of the amplifier. This active component or the active circuit is known as the Active Load. Fig.1 MOSFET Amplifier with Active Load Why Active Load … Read moreMOSFET Amplifire with Active Load

MOSFET- Source Follower (Common Drain Amplifier)

In the Common Drain Amplifier configuration, the drain terminal is at AC ground.The input is applied between the gate and drain terminals, while the output is measured between the source and drain terminal.Since the drain terminal is common between the input and output side, it is known as Common Drain Amplifier. The Common Drain Amplifier … Read moreMOSFET- Source Follower (Common Drain Amplifier)